Alcoholics Anonymous Online

Alcoholics Anonymous Online

You've used local Alcoholics Anonymous meeting finder apps in the past, but you've never seen anything like this before. With you're able to easily search for online AA meetings in your area, in another state, or even in another country! 

Recovery Meetings

The addiction recovery community, like most of us, has had no choice but to try and adapt as quickly as possible. We all want to see group and sponsor meetings as easily available and efficent as they can possibly be, to everyone and anyone who needs them, while following state and federal social distancing guidelines and stay at home orders.

We know that social contact is an incredibly integral part of treatment and support for those who are in recovery. Alcoholics Anonymous meetings have always offered an alternative to one of the most common problems of isolation and feeling isolated, which can be a big struggle for many who have dealt or are curerently dealing with substance abuse. That's where comes in - We want to see AA's more than two million members around the world not only achieve, but maintain their sobriety, in the most convenient and inclusive way possible. 

Unity, Service and Recovery

Meet with millions of other members who are currently recovering from alcoholism across the nation, but from the comfort and safety of your own home.

Find AA meetings by Name and Location, or Day and Time, it's easy!